A common Bulgarian saying implies that a shared trouble is twice as easy to handle, meaning that when problems are spoken and communicated between agencies, it is more likely to find solutions to them collectively.  After all, we are all puzzled by the same stuff, why not collaborate? 


In a nutshell, Sofia Start Up (SUP) aims for developing an interaction and connectedness in Sofia’s startup society by bringing people closer together and thus resolving common issues that would later on have impact on a global scale. It is a cause, rather than a means to an end. Perhaps a cause with a well-thought means to an end!

We acknowledge how difficult it is to achieve the required means towards satisfaction and success. SUP is filled with experienced, creative and energetic people with professional experience from all across the world. Our community is dedicated to the improvement of the fundamentals of our urban social structures. With the collective mission of prosperity, each member will be able to achieve their highest goals. It is high time to realise that sharing troubles and personal experience could be mutually beneficial for all parties!


SofiaStartUp is aiming towards the creation of brand awareness and highlights the activity of local heroes.  We know your actions are not unnoticed and underestimated, now Sofia will find out too!


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