MOVE.BG is pleased to represent the fourth edition of Innovation Ship –  the national evaluation of digital business in Bulgaria organised by EDIT.

The survey is now available for completion and each candidate will receive an award. Lets unite with the purpose of ameliorating the conditions of the ecosystem in order to create a contemporary high-tech digital hub in Sofia! 

What is Innovation Ship? 

In a nutshell, InnovationShip is a research aimed towards all sorts of Bulgarian digital companies – from newly founded to small and medium-sized, that offer economic services using digital products. 

We kindly invite you to join or empirical research by filling out our survey **, it takes less than 15 minutes. The deadline is the 10th of October.

Why is Innovation Ship crucial to our ecosystem?

It is important to outline the barriers of the digital entrepreneurship in order to create a clear perspective on the ongoing business scene. Knowing which are the weak areas and how they could be improved, we could all benefit from knowledge and mutual support in the development of the Bulgarian startup ecosystem. 

The results are exemplary that Innovation Ship :

– shows the development and the value of the Bulgarian digital micro-environment

– provides an opportunity for benchmarking

– collects data that justifies the existence of market potential

The awards

All applicants will participate in the Innovation Ship 2019 Awards.

Exclusive Master Class Access (invites only): 10 vacant spaces

Mentoring Hour: 3 awards provided by Founder Institute on the following topics – fundraising, internationalisation and business development.

Sasha Bezouhanova, founder of MOVE.BG and EDIT platform, says: 

“Digital startups are the most vibrant part of the Bulgarian economy as they are the ones creating the necessary products and services for a bright future.

Newly found bulgarian companies are starting to impose themselves on international market level with their amazing prosperity in artificial inteligence, blockchain, big data analysis, crypto- and cloud systems. The only way of attaining a respectful and trustworthy reputation for our economy is by supporting local startups. Thus, this becomes a national responsibility in order for Bulgaria to become a European innovation hub and main factor in the global shared economy.”

Innovation Ship 

Last year, 213 companies participated in our Innovation Ship survey. Innovation Ship 2018 is available online free of charge, in both English and Bulgarian. The following report was presented at a conference which can be viewed **

EDIT and MOVE.BG will once again organise a special event for the results of InnovationShip 2019.

Participate now and be a part of the better tomorrow! The deadline is October 10th.  

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