@Home before it was cool

Ironically enough, Kiril Palaveev– or Kiko, came up with a ‘stay at home’ mechanism long before we all had to inevitably adapt to it. @Home is not your regular app, it is a project with a social cause. The main inspiration behind it is Professor Antoniya Yanakieva’s thesis on marketing promotion of domestic medical services, so now @Home is now seen as a powerful and flexible on-demand medical service in daily life. Combining Antonia’s knowledge and experience in the field of medicine with Kiril’s medical degree and long professional practice in the pharma industry, one may be quite certain about the viability of the information provided on the platform.

As SofiaStartup never ceases to evaluate creative forward-thinking projects, so we were instantly tempted to explore @Home’s services. If you share our curiosity about this revolutionary and easily applicable solution to modern health monitoring, take a look at our insights from exploring the @Home app and hopefully understand our general approach towards life better.  

In short, the app allows you to get in touch with medical professionals and social workers without the need of filling out humdrum never-ending documentation or queueing for hours at clinics and hospitals. @HOME is revising old practices of ‘telemedication’ with the purpose of perfectionating individual help and diagnosisprovided through face-to-face meetings. @Home’s philosophy combines technological advances with the all-encompassing practice of human communication – they manifest that the core of it, namely helping others, can never be transmitted through a device well enough. This is why @Home connects you with real people, in real time, in real life. 

The service has three main categories of professional artillery: nurses, kinesitherapies, and social workers such as care takers. As any legitimate medical organisation would, @Home invites you to share symptoms, previous diagnosis, allergies and even mental concerns with purposefully picked professionals depending on your specific case. 

In terms of user experience, the app feels innate. Suppose you need specialised assistance: you open the app and select the type of service you desire, giving out a global notification to all specialists for your specific. When a professional accepts the offer, the app functions as a mediator between the communication of you two, simultaneously granting you the assurance of a secure online payment. Unlike most digital medicine services, with @Home, you’re not automatically assigned to a single doctor, but rather the software sends out a notification to all certified specialists connected in the network. After a visit, you might like the specialist that you were sent. Naturally, you would put their name in your ‘Favourites’ list, and next time you request this service, ‘your guy’ would have a higher priority. If I have to judge for myself, the most beneficial thing for an average user of @Home is the personal approach and boutique service that you have within the grasp of your hands. As both medical workers and beneficiaries are connected to the @Home platform, this guarantees the safety of both money transfers and high-level qualification. 

@Home’s initiative is naturally attractive to both active mobile users and medical professionals aspiring for individual exposure and success. Thanks to the @Home’s community, internationally recognised medics benefit from the freedom of developing a unique image, while participating in a network with global connections.

The scientific excellence of all members’ lab test is a successful result of the collaboration between @Home and Bodimed laboratory, who never cease to take care of @Home’s community wellbeing. What is spectacular about their mutualistic relationship with Bodimed is the fact that many educated young professionals actively choose to contribute to the @Home platform because of the accessibility to modern medical institutions. @Home links medics with a well-established scene for personal development benefiting from international experience that provide contemporary methods for professional uprising. 

Young adults generally believe that the proper adaptation of digital practices not only facilitates our daily curriculum, but also improves various behavioural skills such as self-awareness or time management. Research shows that the proper implementation of technological practices can result in the amelioration of human psychology. 

How this relates to the topic, you might ask. Being interactive habitants of the 21st century automatically means we use digital devices as effective tools of societal organisation. As tech acceleration renders a great part of social communication more effective, @Home’s team put two and two together (some 8 years ago) and developed not only an active altruistic organisation, but a mission with a social implication. Thinking about the particular moment of this message (in times of COVID-19 pandemic), new advances in technology should be the foundations of a more flexible lifestyle in general; a lifestyle that we would be fools to not consider adapting to! 

If we all agree that health is the universal underlying condition to all human existence, one might as well use the force of digital technologies to support the one required condition for the existence of human population… at home.   

The benefits of the @Home service are obvious – you get high-speed and high-quality service. You might associate this app with other ‘telemedicine’ services, and you would be somewhat wrong. @Home is an alternative to ‘telemedicine’, as it offers live communication (instead of a video call, or even worse – AI bot), thus providing conditions for relationships between parties while creating a more comfortable space. In other words, you are highly likely to not only get connected to a precisely picked professionals but communicate with whole bunch of cool (relatively young) people with whom you might develop a connection.

We, at SofiaStartup, carefully evaluate well-thought ideas and thus believe that @Home is revolutionary for the scope of Bulgaria and not only. Unfortunately, the lack of not only governmental support, but institutional structures that would allow cooperation with non-governmental organisations are often troubling the process of development and mass implementation. This is why we decided to spare you some hesitation and uncertainty and openly prompt all of you, mindful creatures, to think twice next time you need medical support and hopefully consider this modern solution. 

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