MonAE making, monAE shaking, or AE Ventures’ helping hand towards start-ups

If you run a start-up and you have found yourself in times of trouble, AE Ventures comes to you. So you can let yourself be.

As our cheerful SofiaStartup team will continue to invade your dashboard until we become annoying, on this surprisingly cold day who-even-keeps-track of quarantine, we’re here to share with you a rather heart-warming project, hopefully giving somewhat of a reassurance that the good still exists and even multiplies in these strange times.  

Under the scope of our radar today is AE Ventures who are popular for the social and financial support they provide to the start-up ecosystem. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten days, we’re happy to announce that AE Ventures organises an amazing altruistic initiative that aims towards collecting 100K leva (from literally anyone willing to contribute) that will eventually be distributed between start-ups affected by the inevitable economic consequences from the COVID-19 outbreak. 

If you’ve ever come across any of AE Ventures’ professional endeavours, you would know that they generally seek for newly found start-ups with a lot of potential. Their moral ethics include giving value to data, computational processes, and human behaviour tracked by automated actions. 

Famous for their perpetual investment in blockchain start-ups, AE Ventures surely adapts the right approach when it comes to picking the right candidate and further identifying potential limitations in their development. As a result, the capital not only provides financial support, but also develops tightly knit relationships that build foundations for long-term expansion. AE Ventures is well known for thriving collaboration and boosting the growth of the entire blockchain ecosystem. With their investments, the members of the team build communities driven by social activism and link start-ups in conceptual channels, each one providing conditions for interactive networks with professional ambassadors across different countries.

One of the most interesting initiatives that AE Ventures does twice each year is the Starfleet Blockchain Accelerator. Besides being the ultimate fictional academy that trains space officers (yes, this is a Star Trek reference), Starfleet is also a peculiar accelerator global program that targets early stage blockchain startups on their way to Mars. The aim is to help promising startups grow, develop their idea and business plan and get mentoring from experts on topics like blockchain architecture, business models, pitching for funding. At the end of the program the most promising teams receive an offer for funding from AE Ventures. Currently, the team is finalising their latest Accelerator – Starfleet India, which will be live-streamed globally on 8th of May.

Even though AE Ventures’ personal portfolio predominantly consists of crypto projects, their current initiative doesn’t adapt any margins, meaning that anyone can apply for funding. This is not your usual angel investment, as the fundraising is open to all parties, and the total sum will be equally distributed amongst candidates whose projects seem worth saving. The venture believes that a multi-layered investment that doesn’t come from a centralised figure will conserve the pleasant conditions of Sofia’s start-up ecosystem that’s been surprisingly flourishing in the last couple of years.

As we already said, there’s no limit when it comes to the intrinsic idea of the start-up: AE Ventures welcomes all projects, from hand-made arts and crafts to complex medical support algorithms. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the list of requirements for participation, which is the following:

  • actual proof of the severity of damage that COVID-19 has done to your company;
  • having at least three full-time employees;
  • a decrease in income with at least 20% since the announcement of the state of emergency;
  • your company’s prospective business model and plan for financial management for when this is all over. 

Anyone who wishes to participate can fill in this form.

AE Venture’s current project gathers well-known start-up ecosystem alumni organisers who share knowledge and personal findings in terms of business development and technical support. It is salient to note that the project would’ve never been possible if it wasn’t for HelpKarma and their mutually beneficial partnership. Besides hosting the fundraising, HelpKarma closes the loop of start-up support, as they are a start-up themselves and are quite familiar with the struggles that founders usually face. 

All of this seems a bit too good to be true? We feel you. A natural trait of humankind is to always be sceptical. But why be sceptical when you see a mutualistic mission with a cause? We all need to put our rationalist hats on and get over the commonly seen Bulgarian mentality of doubting every good intrapreneurial action we encounter. 

Let’s unite in order to fight our global enemy in the face of coronavirus and come out even stronger as a community. Everyone is welcome to donate to AE Venture’s cause, and everyone is welcome to ask for a helping hand. Even mother Bulgaria can tell you – united, we stay strong! 

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