=) Sofia as a service (=

As a group of diverse IT professionals with great knowledge of Sofia and its market peculiarities, we are excited to give back to the IT ecosystem. What better way to do it than to use Sofia as an interactive laboratory for the creation of a service community? After all, the city has served us so well, why not serve back to it?

What we provide is a platform with exceptional communication channels that builds new wires in the innovation network. We create a community between the small companies, Sofia startups, and local brands in order to provide you with taller, better, faster, STRONGER results!

SOaaS (Sofia as a service) is a non-profit platform for sharing fundamental information and providing ground for recognition. With SOaaS, every company could obtain the necessary openness to the public eye that it needs, free of charge! We are invested in building memorable brands that captivate the audience. 

Participation in the platform is and always will be free. However, when you find yourself in times of trouble, SofiaStartUp will come to you! Our team is happy to offer additional help to every company and craft our services to the specific needs and future plans of your organisation and provide targeted connection to local heroes and partners.

If you ever need a piece of advice, some connections to the local players of a little push to your way to success, we could give you a hand. Don’t hesitate to get in touch now!